SSBG Remote Support

Welcome to SSBG Remote Support!
If you don't have a session key, please, go to our HelpDesk Portal and submit a ticket with our Account Representative Team.

SSBG IT Solutions - Ph +86 21-5404-3999 -

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Steps for using Remote support:

1) Click on an available Support Technician
2) A pop up window will appear to download a small file. Click “Run”.
3) Another window will appear. Again click “Run” and the file will install.
4) The software will then load and the pop-up below will appear.

Select "I have read and agree to the terms above and click "OK"
5) In the Next window click Allow Full Access to start the session.

   6) The SSBG Technician now has access to your computer.

7) At the end of the remote support session the technician will log out and the session will be ended.